Last week I told you about my son in the Philippines and how he had a friend there who needed a job.  My son had vetted Marc for me.  Marc was trustworthy and hard working, just not super skilled. His option was to travel to Manila for work and leave his wife and 2 kids home, or try to find online work.

His plight is common.

The Philippines doesn’t export many things but they import a lot.  That leads to a difficult economic situation (more to come about this in the future). So, they turn to exporting people.  They send their people overseas to work and send money home.

Families get ripped apart.
Children are raised by their grandparents.
Communities suffer.

That’s “just how it is”.

But not for Marc.

One of you hired Marc.  He now makes $4/hour.  More than enough to support his family on his remote island.
His kids will grow up with him at home.
They’ll know their dad.
I get tears just thinking about it as I write this.

I had over 100 responses from people asking to hire Marc.

Not because he’s a super talented OFS.  He’s not.

But because you knew he was trustworthy.

Because I had vetted him and said “You can trust this person.”

So I spent this past week working on more of this. On finding more people you can trust.
With Marc I just trusted my son.
With these people we put them through the wringer.  We’ve talked to past employers, we’ve gathered government clearances (it’s like the background check of the Philippines), we’ve verified skills.

Some are “VAs”. They’re not super skilled.

Others are OFS:
Social media managers
SEO experts
Sales people
Customer support
Property Management
Graphic design

Because we have to do a lot of work to vet these people, we’re charging to hire them. But we’re charging half of what we normally would because of the response last week.

If you’re looking for a vetted VA/OFS:

First come, first served.