The White Rim Trail outside Moab, Utah is a good metaphor for life.

It’s beautiful.

It changes unexpectedly.

It has high highs and low lows.

And sometimes you’re on the edge of a cliff where little changes make a big difference.

Everyone starts off super excited when you’re at mile 1, 6, 17, 29…
But when you get into the real thick of it…mile 40 and you have a huge hill to climb, you’re tired, and the sun has set, it gets really difficult to keep spirits up.  

But you have to keep pushing. For most, there is no other option.

It’s kind-of like hiring a VA. 

You’re so excited to get the help you need.
They do their first task and it’s amazing.
Then you have them do something else and it gets done too!

Then, some work comes back that’s not very good.  

What do you do?  

You push through!

Teach, give feedback, train, repeat.

If you can make the first task work with the person you hired, the rest of it just requires pushing through.
Push through the difficult times (which…there WILL be difficult times).  Most of the time will be great.  But when difficult times come, if you push through, both of you will come out better on the other end.

Pro Tip from Traci:
“I ended up hiring my first virtual assistant within two days of starting on of starting my membership on
And we started the training process.
I made her training videos.
And, you know, of course there’s going to be mistakes when someone’s learning something new. But what I noticed about working with her is that she would make a mistake and I would let know what I corrected in the listings that she created for me. And then the next batch of listings there would still be some mistakes but they wouldn’t be the same mistakes repeated as from the last time, so that was really important to me to find someone who is teachable.”


PS. I can make the part about finding your VA easier at  The pushing through part…you have to do it on your own.