Here’s a VA I know who is available to hire.

Notice I didn’t call him an OFS.  He’s not.

And…I don’t actually KNOW him.

Here’s the story…

My oldest son is serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The “Mormons”.  Yes, I’m an active member of this church and an active disciple of Jesus Christ. We try to follow.

My son got assigned to the Philippines.

This is crazy because when you go on a mission, you don’t choose where you go.  You apply to go, send your application in, and the church assigns you somewhere.  It’s not “random”, but there was nothing on his application about any connection to the Philippines.

When we found out I had no words.

So, he gets there and then gets assigned to this little island: Marinduque. You’ve never heard of it.  And, actually, it’s not a little island, but the population is small and it’s super remote. Like, it takes him 2 days to get to meetings on the main land, which is only like 30 miles away.

He has been there for a few months now and has gotten to know a lot of people quite well.  He tells me he meets people all the time who are either looking for work or have found work on  He doesn’t often tell people that his dad owns

But last Sunday he brought someone to me for the first time.

He said this guy (VA) needs a job or he’s going to have to leave his wife and 2 kids, move to Manila, find a job so he can send home a little money to his family.

I was like…
“Well…I’m not likely to find him a job. I don’t know anything about him.”

The my son started telling me about him.  He’s honest, super hard working, and super smart.  He’s not super talented because he has grown up on this island and hasn’t had many opportunities, but he graduated from university and is looking for work.  He speaks English, has done some customer support, and likes to do design work and is somewhat talented at it.

My son, who before leaving the country as a 19yr old missionary was running a $300k/year business that he started at 11 and grew while going to high school, said he would hire this guy in an instant.  He’s so confident in this guy that he’s the first person in 4 months he has brought to me…and he meets people every day who are out of work.

I’ve emailed with the VA.
His English is great.  Not perfect.
His internet speed is good (145mbps down, 21mbps up).
His laptop is good.
He’s super affordable.
He needs full-time work.

You’d hire him because you want a general VA. Not an OFS. Someone who doesn’t know much but who will grow with you and learn and work really hard to do good work. Someone you can trust. Someone like my first hire, Joven, who I hired in 2005 and who now runs

I’m sending this email to 100,000 people. 25,000 will read it. One will hire him.

If you’re interested, reply.


PS. Doing this isn’t my favorite. I don’t make any money from it. It’s not scaleable. It’s not automated. And it requires my time.  Yuck.  But depending on the response I could do more of it.