I need design or video editing work, there’s Elijah or Mark.

I need social media posts, there’s Julia.

I need customer support to attend to concerns, there’s Jess or Jocelyn.

I need programming, there’s Vincent or Nino or Raymond. 

I need ads, there’s Louis.

I need content, there’s Jessica.

I need help with ANYTHING, there’s Joven or Jun.

The list goes on..

Virtual assistants are more than just your secretary or admin to help you with paper work or sort your emails. You can find seriously talented people.

And not only that, you can pass on things you don’t know how to do or don’t like doing and have your VAs do it for you. I personally want more free time and I hate monotonous and routine tasks, so to get that freedom and to remove repetitive tasks from my everyday, I hired virtual assistants who have the skills to do it. I give them employment, they give me their service. I get my free time to do what I want, they get income to support their families. It’s a win-win.

I want to help you hire the perfect VA for your needs, and not just someone who can do secretarial tasks. Rather, those who can do the work for you the same way or even better, so you can run your business the way you want.

Take the 7-day challenge at www.onevaaway.com and I’ll take you step by step to hire the virtual assistant you need the first time.

I guarantee it.