We’re a pretty adventurous family.  
Not that we skydive or bungee jump or do crazy things…
We just like to get out and we’re willing to take our kids.

Now…take our kids needs an explanation.  

I have 3 big kids (college freshman, HS junior, HS freshman) who are super easy to take on an adventure.  They’re strong, they’re in shape, they’re skilled bike riders or skiers. I can take them bike packing easily.

Then I have 2 littles.  2nd and 4th grade. 

They’re not so easy to take just because they’re little. So I’m figuring it out.

How do you take a 2nd and 4th grader bike packing? You buy tiny Ebikes. 

Yesterday I took the 2nd grader and his friend on a test ride.

We rode 12 miles on a paved trail near our house.  I wasn’t sure how it would go, if they’d be able to keep up, if they’d get worn out too quickly.

It almost killed me!

They immediately got it. They were WAY faster than me. It was so easy for them.

(me taking a photo from way behind)

The test worked!

This week we did a case study with Matt Leitz. He had some great advice on testing someone’s English skills:

If you’re hiring for a position that requires proficient English writing skills (customer service tickets, copywriting etc…), do a live typing “chat” interview with your candidate. Then you really get to see their raw skill/timing/grammar with typed English.

So smart.  Especially considering the Filipino hesitation towards doing a live video interview.