The number one concern people have before hiring an OFS is
“I’m not sure about the talent”
“I wasn’t sure if I could find people with legit talent”
“Are there actually talented people?”

The short answer: YES!

I’ve hired talented programmers, designers, content writers, SEO, people to do lead generation, data entry, make phone calls, customer service…

Paul H. hired an investment banking analyst in the Philippines. “He’s a $250,000/year person in the US and we’re paying him $1,500/month and he’s amazing.”

Melissa E. hired a “VA” who has a JD (law degree) in the Philippines. They call her their “litigation paralegal” because she can’t legally act as an attorney in the US. She takes all kinds of burden off their attorneys.

I know people who have hired CAD designers, engineers, E-commerce experts, financial planners, realtors (yes, the Philippines has the “Realtor” brand), email marketers, someone to design and send physical mailers… Basically anything that can be done online or on a computer, you can find someone who is talented at it in the Philippines.

The talent you’ll find in the Philippines is on par with what you’ll find in the USA, but at 1/10 the cost.

The next question is

How do I find these people, someone I can trust?

How to find someone you can trust