No, seriously…is there anything good that has come out of COVID for you?

For me there has. 

– My kids have spent a ton of time at home.  I love it.

– We’ve gotten to go camping together a ton.

– We’ve been able to ride our bikes almost every day. 

– Church at home with my family has been awesome!

– Exercising in our community doubled overnight. 

– We’ve provided more jobs in the Philippines than ever before.

Look, I know COVID is hard.
I definitely want it to end.

Lots of people are struggling (If you’re not, go look for ways to help).
We have to wear masks (it’s not that bad!).
The danger is real. 

But there are still things to be grateful for. Find them.

TIP – Ask your Filipino team how things are going in their area.
Ask about quarantine.  
How’s the food situation? 
How are the people around them doing?
Do they know people who are really struggling?

You might just find a situation you can help.
And it might make you a little more grateful for your own situation.

A couple times this year we’ve asked our team these questions.  Then answers were surprising.  We sent money to our team to help those around them.  

We didn’t ask for any reporting or accountability.  Just anonymous giving.
Then the photos starting coming back.  Dozens of them just like these:

It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference.