We have these friends, The Johnsons, who have 4 kids. They’re great kids, but tonight I saw stuff I don’t remember seeing in a long time.

We had them over for dinner for New Years Eve, and had like a snack dinner. We had corn dogs, little barfies (ok, fine, little smokies. I don’t like them, so I’m entitled to call them whatever I want), oven bake pizza, chips, dip, and soda.

It was a pretty good dinner, one I had been looking forward to since I couldn’t eat our Christmas Eve dinner (which was very similar) because of all the canker sores I had on my tounge.

Anyway…back to the story…

Their 20 month old (who weighs 17 pounds…ridiculous) was sitting on our couch and all of a sudden barfed all over the place. No warning. He wasn’t sick or anything. Luckily he got it all over himself, his mom, our couch (BOY am I glad we have leather couches), and miraculously managed to completely avoid getting it on our new carpet. Some of it even fell from in between his legs onto the ground, but his blanky was there to take the blow.

So, while I’m holding towels under his legs to make sure none gets onto the ground, we carry him into our bathroom so it can get cleaned op.

Whew, all done.

So we’re sitting watching Dumb and Dumber, and we hear yelling from upstairs:

“AAAAHHHHHH, Sage just barfed!!!!!”

So I go running upstairs and their 7 year old daughter did a humongous barf, all over herself and all over the mattress she was sitting on.

This was no normal barf. This was the stinkiest barf I’ve ever smelled. So stinky in fact, that everyone who came upstairs almost barfed from the smell. Their 20 month old DID barf again because of the smell. Luckily this time, his dad was holding him and managed to get him over a sink before he did it.

It was so stinky that I had to tie a towel around my face so that I wouldn’t smell it while I was cleaning it up.

Luckily, again, her barf got all over herself and the mattress, completely avoiding our new carpet.

Unfortunately, the entire upstairs smells now like barf. I’m braving the smell right now so I can write this.

Needless to say, they went home without staying to see the new year come.

I can’t believe the sickness that’s going around here in Utah right now. I believe Utah is #1 in the country right now for cases of the flu. I had it, so did my son. So does/did EVERYONE I know. Kim’s mom is sick, and she hasn’t been sick in like 22 years. All the Johnson kids have been sick (although, they’re “over” it now), and everyone else I can think of that I know is sick. If you’re from Utah, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve never seen anything like it.