I just downloaded and started using Berry411 on my blackberry.

It is SOOOO well done.

Previously I always used google maps mobile to do any 411 lookups I needed but from now on, it’s Berry411.

The 10 searches I’ve done so far have given me

  • better results than google maps
  • faster results than google maps
  • more options than google maps
  • more information than google maps

It remembers your addresses and automatically searches for things near them.

It has a database of words so when I typed in “pan” it gave me “panda express” as an option of what I wanted to search for.

It lets me search yellow pages, white pages, google, weather, shopping, movies, sports, all with one click!

Not to mention the (currently) 95 plugins for it that make searching all kinds of stuff easier.

Definitely a must have for a blackberry.

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