Kimberly Jonas


I’ve been married now for almost 11 years and they have been the best 11 years of my life. It’s not that she did any one thing that makes her the best wife in the world, it’s all the little things she does for me. It’s the cooking and the cleaning and the understanding and the forgiving and the way she takes care of my kids and the way she believes in God and how she treats me, loves me, forgives me, puts up with me, does stuff with me, goes places with me, and just in general lives with me.

For my birthday this year she spent weeks making a scrapbook of pictures of me as a dad. It was awesome.
For her birthday this year I didn’t really do ANYTHING and she was ok with that.
Last weekend she agreed to go camping with me to a place where there wasn’t running water, bathrooms, or showers.
Sometimes she comes at 9:30 at night to watch me play ice hockey.
My everyday breakfasts include toast, french toast, pancakes (when I can handle eating them), cereal, biscuits and gravy, sausage and egg mcmuffins, crepes, eggs on toast, eggs with cream cheese and normal cheese and other spices mixed in, hash browns, waffles, omlettes, and just about anything else you could want to eat for breakfast (wait…no…not cracked wheat).

She goes on walks with me so I can get exercise.
She does a DANG good job of raising my kids.
She lets me golf whenever I want.
She lets me work from home. She lets me work almost whenever I want.
She decorates my house beautifully.

Boy, I could go on forever with this.

Let’s just say that it suffices to say she wins the Best Wife in the World award.

Thanks Kim.

Kim and Austin with their \'babees\'

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