About 5 months ago Keith Baxter gave me an audio course that he and Peter S. had done about how to use blogs to sell things.

I was totally blown away.

It wasn’t that it was totally new information. It was how they had put together a bunch of different concepts and used them in such a way that it took advantage of all the things we know about blogging and cut out all of the un-useful things about blogging…when it comes to selling products.

They took a blog and turned it into an exceptionally effective ecommerce site. Then they repeated it.

I get asked all the time “how can I easily build a website about X”.

My response: WORDPRESS!

The thing that really hit me hard was that you can (and very often should) use wordpress to build almost any type of site you want (ecommerce, single sales page, information, cms, affiliate site, review site, squeeze page). It’s all set up for you and with the info they give in this course you know exactly how to configure it for best results…for selling!

There’s such a huge difference between being able to sell things online, and being “cool” or “read” or “just in it for fun” or “I just do it for networking”. This is where a lot of people I know get caught going in the wrong direction with their blogs. They want to make money from it, but they’re treating it like a social event. They don’t ever get into what actually makes people buy things online.

It’s also where I see marketers go wrong in how they’re trying to integrate web 2.0 into their plans. They go about spamming instead of just using the tools given them to their advantage where it will stick around for the long term. Using wordpress in conjunction with the system BTS outlines integrates the best of both worlds (the blog/web 2.0 world and the internet marketing world).

So, after I listened to the course I immediately went out and started a blog based on the principles they talk about.

Then, over the next month or so, I really, really ramped it up (this is why I call it “Blogging To Sell On Steroids”).

I took all the marketing tactics I could remember and wrote them down in an organized todo list. Then I went and started asking other people who I know knew a lot of stuff, about marketing tactics they use, and I added their lists to my list.

What I came up with in the end were 13 todo lists that start before the beginning of the BTS course and take you way past the end of the BTS course, on the path of setting up a super successful blog that actually sells stuff and makes you money.

I call the system:

Blogging To Sell On Steroids

and you can get my todo lists for yourself by following that link.

I’m giving the system away for free (Keith let me give away their course…Thanks Keith!)

It’s not for everyone. It’s just for people looking to make money online who already have some knowledge about blogs and marketing.

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