Chat GPT is everywhere.

People keep asking me if it is replacing VAs.

Yes and No.

Yes, in a sense that it can help get rid of a lot of busy work that your VA is doing. If you need your VA to write ten articles daily for your content marketing, an AI can do that faster.

But once your AI has generated those articles, somebody’s got to read through them and check if they’re good and on topic. They need to be checked for plagiarism. They need to be uploaded. Those articles would need links and images. You need to create social media posts to promote those articles.

An AI can’t do all that for you automatically. Not yet.

Here’s the thing, these are also jobs that not all VAs can do. If you want to make sure that the content generated by that AI is on brand and up to par with your standards, you need someone who really knows your business. A VA can’t do that.

If you want to make sure that your AI-generated content is promoted in a way that maximizes exposure to the right audience, you need someone who really understands your market.  A VA can’t do that.

If you want to ensure that after you’ve promoted your content, your audience can interact with someone who can anticipate their needs, you’ll need someone who knows your customers.  A VA can’t do that.

An Online Filipino Specialist CAN!

Even better, you can find an Online Filipino Specialist who can help you build and understand AI!

Will AI replace your virtual assistant? Probably. But for every other job that an AI and a virtual assistant can’t do, you’ll need an OFS.

We’ve been playing with it for content creation.  It’s amazing, but not up to our standards (or voice, or tone).
We’re also in early stages of seeing if we can provide better customer support with it.  Not replacing our customer support, but providing better customer support.

We’ll see.