Employee costs can be super high, especially if you want to hire the best.

Or is it?

I know where you can hire the top 1% of workers at an affordable rate. Workers who graduated at the top of their class. Workers with years of experience and are recognized for their skills in the industry.

That place is Onlinejobs.ph.

“But John, people with tons of experience are expensive! I can’t afford that.”

Yes, you can’t afford to hire expensive workers IF you hire locally.

If you hire from the Philippines, you can actually afford to hire the best if you set your salary range a little higher.

Atiba shares how and why he hires the top 1% of Online Filipino Specialists for his business.


If you’ve doubted whether or not you can find good talent, here’s what to do:
1. Go to OnlineJobs.ph
2. Search for the skill you’re looking for
3. Browse some profiles
You’ll start to see incredible talent at very affordable rates.


PS. Yes, rates have gone up. Inflation is high. It’s higher in the Philippines.