You’re ready to hire another OFS for your team. Should you delegate that process to your OFS?

That’s the question Corey asked in his email.


Gotta confess – most of the time I can’t stand people’s weekly emails and usually unsubscribe. Your emails haven’t met that fate yet! Honestly, I find them insightful and helpful. So I’m writing with a question I’d love you to address.

What do you think about having your longtime, trusted Filipino VA hire someone else for you on

I originally hired my VA at your website YEARS ago. She’s been fantastic and I like to think we have a great working relationship. Now, I need someone with a certain specialized skill set and thought of having her source this position. Good idea? Bad idea? Or somewhere in between?

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

I’d say YES…but it also depends.

I understand wanting to delegate this process. It’s one less thing on your plate. If this new OFS is working with your current OFS, you’d want them to get along.

The good thing about Corey’s situation is he already has a loyal VA. She knows Corey’s business and management style. She’s not going to take this task lightly. She’ll want to bring in someone she can work with and make the business better.

What I’ve seen from my OFS over the years is that if they’re hiring someone:
1. they want to make sure the person does a good job because the new person’s work reflects on your current OFS
2. they’re hesitant to recommend someone they aren’t SURE is going to be good
3. they take responsibility with the new person. They work to solve problems.

It’s good if:
– The current OFS knows exactly what you need for that position and
– They have a wide enough network to source this person from. This network can include

Ask your OFS if they’re comfortable doing the hiring for you.

For the final decision, if the person is working for me directly I make the final decision. I’ll still interview.
If the person is working directly for my current OFS, I let them make the final decision.

If you don’t have an OFS, the best solution would be to hire one yourself. I can teach you to find an OFS that will fit your business and your personality at