Over the past few months I’ve begun to realize that doing outsourcing correctly requires a change in mindset.

See…most people are so used to busting their own butt to get stuff done,

that giving their work to other people is very foreign to them.

It’s almost unnatural.

I know often people think “If I do it myself it’ll get done faster and better.”

That’s exactly the wrong mindset I’m talking about.

The problem with it is that you’ll always be the one doing it.

Even if it does get done faster and better, you’re still limiting the amount of stuff that gets done.

When you change your mindset, you start giving stuff to other people and letting them figure it out.

No, I’m not talking about giving business decisions to other people, you still have to do that.

I’m talking about tasks that someone else can do.


For example, here’s a list of things I recently had my people do for me:

  • Set up a listing for me
  • convert all my videos using Super
  • create and encode a video for me using 2 different videos and an audio stream
  • upload my personal pictures from my personal PC to my flickr account (hey…this is about lifestyle…I’m tired of doing this!)
  • Set up an aweber mailing list
  • Write a sales letter (yes, you read that right…and they did a dang good job too).
  • Tell me what ebook in which industry we should write next!

I did very little training for this stuff because I’ve already given them so much training (all the stuff that’s available as a ReplaceMyself.com member) that now they can figure out almost anything)

After your guys are trained, they can do ANYTHING!

You just have to change your mindset!

Here’s the training you need: