Nothing business related today.

I understand not everyone celebrates Christmas.  But in my house it’s such a strong holiday and carries strong traditions.

At our house, Christmas traditions start the day after Halloween. 

Halloween decorations come down and Christmas goes up on November 1. My wife always says it’s so much work getting Christmas decorations up that she wants to enjoy it for a while. 

Listening to Christmas music starts November 1.  My 13 year old says she “hates Christmas music!” but we know she secretly likes it.

We don’t have strong Christmas eve traditions except the rule that YOU CAN’T GET UP BEFORE 7AM TOMORROW!!!

When the kids get up they have to come straight to our room and not go through the living room where Santa has come.

We turn on the Harry Connick Jr. Christmas album and then open stockings as a free for all.  Then presents are opened taking turns, youngest to oldest, while everyone watches every one else. 


The last 2 years we’ve gone skiing at about 1.  A tradition I hope to push further today (fingers crossed).

What are your traditions?  
Are traditions important to you?
I find they create a sense of identity.

I try to wish my team of VAs Merry Christmas on Christmas Day. They’re always so good about emailing me on Christmas.

Merry Christmas.