Obviously contextual advertising is where the good advertising revenues are going to be over the next few months/years. Adsense has taken the internet by storm because the model is so efficient for everyone involved.

However, the monopoly that google has on it is beginning to be a problem now (as evidenced by my previous posts about it) and I’d like to see some competition. Sure, Yahoo has their publisher thingy, but it stinks right now.

Other PPC contextual advertising programs are coming out and are turning out to be reasonably profitable like chitika and kontera, but they’re just not as effective as adsense.

So, for you budding entrepreneurs out there, how about this for a business model:

I’d like to see a contextual advertising service that will place affiliate links on my pages. Basically the service would go out and join thousands of affiliate programs and get a huge inventory of ads in their system. They would then do the exact same thing that adsense does with serving those ads onto my pages: Figure out what the page is about and put ads on the site (using javascript).

When someone comes to my site and clicks on an ad and buys on the following page, the service would get paid and then would pass on 60-90% of the money to me, keeping 10-40% of the money for providing the service.

You could aggregate affiliate programs together from all the major affiliate service providers (CJ, ClickBank, LinkShare, …) and provide them to publishers in a nice little package.

Someone’s going to do this soon. Clicksor is already doing something very similar. Hopefully they’ll get bigger soon. For my sake!

Why doesn’t CJ offer something like this already? Who knows! Not all advertisers would have to participate in it, but why wouldn’t they all? They’re all doing PPC anyway. This would just be another way for them to get free advertising across tons of websites.

I’d be willing to help out with a business like this. I’m just not willing to deal with all the business details that go into it.