I have a VA in the Philippines who writes these emails.  She does a great job… except the titles were boring and generic.

I wanted it bolder, more controversial, more of how I would say it- exactly as what’s in my mind at the time. I’d send her topics and include somewhat of a subject and she would dumb it down thinking that my topic was too controversial or too edgy.

I called her out on it and told her what I wanted her to revise, explained to her not only why I wanted it that way but also why it’s more effective to do.

No fluff. No sugarcoating with the titles. No boring.

The same way you should communicate with your VA, straightforward but still professional. It gets the point across, the direction becomes clearer, and the same concern can now be avoided moving forward.

We’re still working on it.  
Working on making subjects tell what’s in the email rather than being misleading.
Working on having subjects be edgy but correct. 
Working on refining the process.

This is how working with VAs works (at least for me it is). 

I assign.
I refine.
I give feedback.
I refine.
I correct.
I refine.
I improve.

She does the work.

Hiring the right VA to do tasks for you makes things easy, but for them to understand what you need or how you want things done, it must also be communicated properly. 

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