“What are your goals?”

I ask it regularly.  

My teenager asks “Should I go with friends and do this or should I do my bike training ride?”

What are your goals?

Do you want to win? Training ride.
Do you want to relax?  Social.

You can’t always have both.

My wife asks “Should I shower now or wait until the kids are gone?”

What are your goals?

Do you want to have a peaceful shower alone? Wait.
Do you want to just get it done at the cost of having little kids screaming for you or walk in on you?  Now.

Answering a question by looking at the motivation behind it often makes the answer much clearer.

Could this help you figure out tasks to have your OFS do for you?

Ashwin S. emailed me the other day and said
“Your email gave me an idea. I will be asking my OFS her goals and how she wants her life to be in a couple of years from now.  I will work towards getting her there.”

Does your OFS have goals?  


If you ask them their goals what happens?

1. They instantly know you care about them. 
They know you’re interested in their life. 
They trust you more.

2. You find things they want to work on. What they’re good at. What they’re interested in.

3. You might just find they have other skills.

4. You might find nothing. But hey, you still gained more of their trust, which goes a long way towards having a rock star worker.

Ask your OFS if they have any goals.
– If they have any employment goals
– If they have any financial goals
– If they have any family goals
– If they have any skill related goals


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