Over the past year or so my wife and I have felt more and more frustrated with needing to nag our kids about doing their chores.

With Covid-19 in the mix, that became more obvious since the kids are home all the time and the house is messier and messier.

I attended a lesson with Russ Fletcher, an expert with Agile Methodology. Applying it to my family through this “chore chart” has been going well so far. Sat down with my kids on Sunday and started with everyone writing down the chores they know they should be doing.

This method lets us immediately see who’s doing what with Post It notes.

To further incentivize their efforts, if everyone does their parts after a full week, each of them gets $5. But if something is left undone, then they can’t go out for the week.

So far it has been going well. Not only does it distribute the chores at home, but it also teaches them accountability. 

The agile methodology is something that can be applied even to your VAs. It promotes responsibility among the team, and you as their employer will get visibility to what is happening in your business. Applying this method of watching over your company makes it easy for you and your VA to see the bigger picture, making it easier to track progress and watch over goals. 

Pro Tip – Use a project management system with you VAs.
We use Basecamp.
You could use Trello, Asana, Teamwork, Hive, …
Whatever it is…doesn’t matter. 
Just give your VAs some organization and direction.


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