If you read my email yesterday you now know that Filipinos consider the time from Christmas Eve to New Years Day “sacred”.

It’s not as sacred as it used to be (thanks in part because you hiring them keeps them from leaving their families and going and working overseas), but it’s still really important to them.

So DON’T hire someone right now!

Right now if you’re recruiting someone they’re worried you’re going to ask them to start work before the new year.  And they know they need to be with their families during that time.

Over the years I’ve seen too many people hire a VA in mid December only to have that VA disappear in their second week.

Wait to hire until early January.  

You’ll have a better experience.
They’ll have a better experience.

And you can hit the ground running in the new year.  

Spend the next 2 weeks preparing to hire that person.  Get some training in place.  Get processes in place.  Get prepared to offload a task.

Go to OnlineJobs.ph, scroll down on the homepage, and find this section:

Find a skill you’re interested in and then look at a bunch of the resumes of the workers.  See if anyone stands out to you. If they do, contact them but make sure to tell them you don’t expect work to start until January 2021.

Then RUN in 2021 with a new VA.