Another Philippines holiday?  Already?

If I look at my calendar it feels like we (in the USA) have about one holiday per month.

It feels like the Philippines has about 1 per week!

They don’t.

But sometimes it feels that way.

Tomorrow, Feb 25 is one of those days.

The EDSA Revolution Anniversary commemorates the series of peaceful demonstrations back in 1986 that led to the ousting of Ferdinand Marcos (then president of the Philippines).

It used to be a regular holiday until 2019, when the Philippine government changed it into a special non-working holiday to reduce the number of regular holidays.

Maybe they were planning for the future when so many Filipinos would be working as OFS!

For the most part, this holiday shouldn’t affect your operations. Your OFS will probably work. They probably don’t commute.

But the thing about this holiday is that some people (mostly political groups) commemorate it by staging rallies along the EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue).

EDSA is a major road; it connects the different cities of Metro Manila. So whenever there’s a disruption along EDSA, it causes a traffic jam that affects most of Manila.

If your OFS has to commute along EDSA to get to work, it might affect your business. This happens to call centers and VA agencies whose employees work from an office.

If your Filipino team works from home, you’ll be fine. This is just another perk of hiring your OFS directly instead of going through an agency.

Although…it is still a “special non-working” holiday, so there may be some OFS who take it off.  If you don’t get a daily report from your OFS tomorrow, don’t be shocked.


PS. If you want more info about holidays and how to handle them: