At, we strongly advocate for Filipinos only to have one full-time job. But I know that there are a lot of jobseekers who have multiple jobs on the site.

It’s usually one of these scenarios.

1. They’re not making enough money from their part-time job. That’s why they’re looking for more part-time work.
2. They’re not making enough money from their full-time job. Most of these workers would say they’re only available for part-time work. If you want to know what a good starting salary would be for your OFS, check out our salary guide:
3. Newbie Filipino workers underestimate how much work it takes to maintain a full-time job. They keep applying for jobs and eventually get overwhelmed by the amount of work.
4. They’re maintaining and doing work for multiple clients.

In my opinion, #1 and #2 are circumstances you can work with. It is hard to live on a part-time salary. If you’re hiring someone part-time, it’s almost impossible to expect them to work for you exclusively. I think an OFS having a couple of part-time jobs is okay as long as they manage their time, they deliver on their work, and they don’t overwhelm themselves.

Issue #3 is usually a result of the cheap or free “VA Training” that’s proliferating in the Philippines right now. It preys on desperate Filipino job seekers and creates unrealistic expectations about online work.

That’s why I created It shows your OFS what the work would really be like. It has the added benefit of building trust because the training comes from you.

With #4, the best way to figure this out when hiring is to ask in a neutral way.
“What other jobs do you currently have?  Or, what other clients do you have? What do you do for them?”
With that type of question, maybe you’re hoping they’re doing other work for people?  Maybe you’re not?  It’s better if they’re honest.

If you suspect your OFS has taken on another job after you hired them, talk to them about it. Ask. Ask why. You might find they just need more money to live. Or the work you’re giving them isn’t filling their time.

Filipinos will want to work for you if you create a great working environment. Your OFS will want to stay.