A while back I sent a newsletter about what you can do when there’s a death in your OFS’ family. I got a great response to it from Dylan:

Today, my graphic designer Danice’s aunt died.

Here’s what I told her:
“Dan, I’m so sorry. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. I’m here for you and you can share as much or as little as you want.

Take a paid week off. We’ll be here for you when you’re ready.

I’m gonna send $100. I hope it helps with the funeral costs.”

One of her first replies was “Please don’t fire me.” I was surprised because I have no intention of firing her but you did warn me that it happens.

Danice then told me her sister was fired last week because she couldn’t work as much. She was running errand, driving people around and doing other tasks when lots of relatives come in town when someone is close to dying.

I couldn’t believe they’d fire her!

I told Dan to take her time and her job is safe.

I know Dan will stick with me for a long time and it’s just the human thing to do!

A death in the family is hard enough. Firing your OFS because they’re helping their family grieve is just horrible.

I showed this email to my OFS Julia and she just explained to me how long and complicated a Filipino funeral actually is. I’ll show you what she wrote in the next email.