I recently stumbled upon this blog post by one of our customers, Ziv Raviv, the CEO, and founder of Kivi Media & Daily Cookie.


I’m really happy about the endorsement but what I love about this blog post is he also shares his process for hiring and interviewing his own OFS (Online Filipino Specialist) team. I like learning new things and posts like this help make hiring better for everyone.

This is the ideal result, what I want to see after people learn how to hire an OFS. I want them to take what they learned, adapt it to suit their business and management style, and share it with the world so people can learn about it.

What I teach at OneVAAway.com is your foundation. It’s what will give you the confidence to hire an amazing OFS. But if you modify it to make it better and more efficient for you, go for it!

For me, what matters most is that you hire your first OFS and start changing your business today.

What do you guys think of Ziv’s process? Do you have something similar or something better? Let me know! Email me at john@onlinejobs.ph


PS. I came across this while hiking with my wife the other day.  I almost never use the word “cute”…but that’s what came to my mind.  Cute.