You know how sometimes you just need a little nudge…

For months now I’ve been meaning to hire someone but I’ve just been stuck in this loop procrastinating it because hiring is hard.

Then the other day I got this email from Dan S.

“I’ve been thinking about outsourcing, or retrying outsourcing, for a long time and your emails are nudging me a little. I’m still stuck in the loop of needing help and trying to find time to articulate the requests and do a little training!”

His email nudged me a little. 

So today I finally just went onto and posted the job and it was like…instantly there was a light at the end of the project tunnel.  Just posting the job, starting the ball rolling towards getting help alleviated the mental burden I’ve been carrying of knowing I need help but I don’t have time to find it (not that I’m SUPER busy…but…)

If you’ve been putting it off, go to and post a job.  It’s free and will lift a burden off you. 
If you do, I’d be willing to bet you’re excited to check your email Monday morning.

If you don’t know what to post or who you’re looking to hire, head to where I’ll walk you through the process. My steps aren’t long…they’re designed to be quick because I know you’re busy and you’ve been putting this off.