For a long time, I had a 100 Mbps connection through Comcast at my house. 

It was good, but one day I was talking to them to try and sort out some billing issues and they suggested that I could upgrade my internet.

The support person said, “It’s actually cheaper if you upgrade your internet. Your monthly bill will go down.”

Yep! Do it.

So, they put me at 200 Mbps and there was an instant difference. I didn’t think there would be. I was surprised.

After a couple of months, I decided to upgrade it again and see if I notice another difference,

I called back and it was just a little more to go 400 Mbps. Like, an additional $10 from $80 a month.

Yep, another noticeable speed bump.

So, after another couple of months, I called them back and they said, ”Actually if you upgrade to gigabit internet and add a phone line, it gets cheaper. It goes from, $90 to $80 a month.”

Do it!

Internet in the Philippines is not the same as it is in the US. 

Just how different is it? My OFS wrote about it a couple of months ago:

When reading through these internet prices, figure out how much their internet costs as a percentage of their salary. 
Then think about how much your internet costs as a percentage of YOUR income. 

It’s quite different.