After my last blog entry about GTD I did some more research and came across, a hosted tracks service.

It turns out that tracks is a web based application that was specifically developed with GTD in mind. From what I can tell, and from the research I’ve done, tracks is the perfect online implementation of David Allens book Getting Things Done.

Tracks has lists that are context based (@home, @work, @phone, @car, @whatever you want) and it has projects so that each task is assigned to a context and a project. When you do your weekly planning, you can easily look at each project and decide what the next actions to do are and assign them to their appropriate context.

What’s even better is that it has a sweet ajaxy interface which is very uncommon of most open source projects, and even more uncommon of a project that was done for something so specific as this. I mean, this project wasn’t meant to be the end all todo list online, it was meant to be the perfect implementation for GTD online.

I think they’ve accomplished it.

And, it gets even better.

The owner of is very open to suggestions. So, in the past week he added a feature to his hosting service that allows you to post todo’s to your lists via email. And, even better than any other “post todo’s via email” implementation I’ve seen, this one allows you to easily assign a task to a context and project from your email subject. It’s so sweet!

So, for my specific implementation right now I have about 30 projects and 8 contexts:

Daily I go through the tasks in all the @ context lists and add them to my ‘today’ list. That day I try to get those things done. This saves me the mind power of having to review my other lists all day long and keeps me focused on what I should be doing, instead of wandering through the rest of my todo’s.

I’m a happy camper.

One more thing…Right now his hosting is free!

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