Oh wouldn’t it be nice to hire someone and just say “Hey, go do my SEO for me.”

Generally, that’s not how it works.

So let me tell you how I usually do this.

I’ve been working on a new project for you. I’m creating SOPs and trainings which you can hand off to your VAs.

I create the trainings (VAsMadeEasy.com) , filter it so it’s intended for a VA, then you give my training to your VA.

That’s the concept.

In order to make it work I found that I need to hire experts to create the training, then I just make sure the training is super well done, as well as make sure it’s appropriate for a VA.  Most training on the internet is intended for the CEO to be the one implementing…dumb.

At first I tried explaining this process to a VA and having them find the expert.

First try…nothing happened.

So I tried adding a VA to the process.

Second try…nothing happened.

Like, they tried and tried and got nothing done.
At this point, I’ve done this enough to recognize that I need to be involved.

So I went and created a job post myself.  

“I’m looking for a person to create SEO training which will be given to a VA…”

I got applicants and interviewed them.

During the process I realized my job post needed refining.  
I also realized that some instructions I had given my VAs didn’t work.
I refined the whole process.

When I found the right person I got them started.

Then I went back and did it again.

The second time I did it, it worked perfectly.

Now was the time to hand it off to a VA.

Third try…MEDIOCRITY…with some help needed.

My VA posted my job post, interviewed the candidates, picked the best one, made sure they knew what they were doing, negotiated pay, and got them started.

She included me in the whole process and I made a bunch of corrections along the way.

Fourth try…PERFECTION! I barely had to do anything. She did it all.

Fifth try…perfect.

Sixth try…perfect.

I have successfully handed off this process to a VA who has now worked through 8 SOPs and training modules and still working on 4 more.

Getting work off your plate isn’t magic.
Filipino VAs aren’t magic.  
But if you’re willing to be patient, try it yourself once or twice, and then hand it off to someone else, usually you can work through it and get it done right.

And now…I’ll never need to do this process myself again.