I’m all about systems.  
It means I don’t have to think about something. 
It means something happens without me. 

I’ve found in my life that if I have to think about something over and over again it clutters my brain so I’m not efficient at solving bigger problems.  

Take chores for a second…

I have 5 kids.

They make tons of messes!!!

It’s unbelievable. 

So we’ve tried differing chore charts over the years (and over the past months).  Nothing is really working.  But at least with the current chart there’s a system in place.  Something where I can say 

Have you done your chores?

“What are my chores?”

Go look at your chart!!!

I hate micromanaging.  

That’s why I use basecamp in my business. It allows tons of work to get done without me being involved.  Maybe I should be using it at home???

Here’s what my Content Specialist wrote:
We’ve used a lot of project management platforms over the years and Basecamp is the only one we’ve stuck with. It’s not as fancy or as colorful as other platforms. It doesn’t have as many features. But I think the great thing about how we use Basecamp is it helps us get things done without John having to micromanage us.

When John has a project, he creates one task and assigns everybody he needs on it. There he explains his idea and we discuss what we need to get things done. That first task is where we brainstorm. We figure out what works, what doesn’t, what we’d need, the timeframe, etc , etc

After that, John just lets us create our own tasks list. Individually, or in teams, we would create our own group lists to get the job done.

We only go back to the task John created if we need anything from him, he tags us, or we need to update the entire team. John closes the tasks only when it’s really done.

What I appreciate about this is we’re given the freedom to use Basecamp in a way that allows us to get things done. I know for a fact that John doesn’t like looking at my task lists because they’re really long. I like breaking down projects into bite-sized tasks that I can schedule everyday. I have colleagues who do it differently. They just add tasks in the comments and tag the people involved. 

Either way, things get done in the way that works for us. We’re not forced to follow strict protocols. Doesn’t matter how we work. What matters is we deliver.

Find a system that works for you.

Basecamp works for us. 
Maybe Asana or Trello or any other other project management systems will work for you.
Or maybe just email works for you.  

Just find something that works and then stick with it so you’re not micromanaging.