There wasn’t a ton of business talk while we were at Lake Powell a few weeks ago.

Sure, my son, who is super obsessed wanted to talk about it non stop.  But how can you blame him?  If you had a super successful entrepreneur available to talk for 8 days and you were a budding entrepreneur what would you do?

But for the most part, we kept it on vacation mode.

(my 10yr old learning to carve on a surf board)

Except…this conversation about hiring. 

My friend who was with us, Russell Brunson, has a unique take on hiring.

The first thing he looks at for any applicant is their DISC profile!

That’s right.

He doesn’t look at their resume or their skills.  
In order for someone to submit an application to him, he requires them to take a DiSC test and submit it as the subject of their application.

Then he’ll look at their resume.


Because the people he used to hire always sucked.


Because he’d get a big stack of applications and would go through them with a Russell filter.  

We all do it.  We look at other people through the filter of our personalities.

He was doing it when hiring.

He’d get all excited about the people who were just like him. They were driven, motivated, and good at selling.  “YES! That’s the guy I want on my team!”

Except, when he hired them they most of them didn’t work out.

He didn’t know why until he learned all about DiSC.

Russell is a high D personality.

He was hiring a bunch of high D personality people. 

But high D personalities often don’t make good employees.

High S and high C make good employees.

As soon as he figured out how to use DiSC his hiring success shot through the roof.

Now, before hiring someone, he figures out the correct DiSC profile for the role and then filters from there.


I interviewed the girl who taught him all about DiSC. 
It’s long, but it will change the way you look at hiring forever:


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