It seems like there’s news about another hack or data breach every other week. Big companies have their security breached, and information from millions of users or employees is leaked online.

I used to worry about it with my team.  But then I realized that worry was making me less money because I was less good at pushing the business forward while I was worrying about something out of my control.

Today, I’ve worked with much of my team for years. I’ve never had a problem with them.
But, my business isn’t your business and you probably have legitimate things to worry about.

What can your small business do?

You can do some common sense things to protect your data when working with an OFS. Things like:

  1. Hire an OFS who have their own computers and internet access as much as possible. If your OFS has to share their computer with other people, there’s a possibility that strangers can log in to their profile.
  2. Emphasize and enforce data security and awareness with your OFS. Most data breaches are due to negligence, not malice. Remind your OFS that data security and protection help keep the business running. Without your business, they won’t get paid.
  3. Use apps like LastPass so you can give your OFS access to your accounts without access to your passwords.
  4. Have them sign a contract.  Contracts carry a lot of weight in the Philippines.

Last but not least, don’t give your OFS access to your accounts right away! Make sure there’s trust on both sides before you share anything. Nothing beats common sense when it comes to protecting yourself.


PS. I spent the weekend in St George, Utah riding bikes with my kids.  Some stuff there is otherworldly.