It’s the last day of the Alta ski season for us and my family is skiing.

I had a minor setback so I’m not skiing. Just sitting in the parking lot enjoying the sun and snow and mountains. 

I didn’t have to come, but I came to help.
To help them get packed.
To help them get ready.
To help them pack up. 

Plus, I love being with my family and I love the mountains and the snow.

When is the right time to help an OFS?

Ben G. Said:

I got this message from an editor that I’ve been working with since January now:

“By the way Sir, can I ask for your help, just $60? I just really don’t have enough money to pay for my medical bill. Maybe a cash advance if it is okay? :)”

I did pay him an extra $100 to help him out – did I do the right thing?

It’s been a good few months working together now, and he’s done really great so far.

how do you judge when the right time is to help out with that sort of stuff?

It’s a good question, and Ben used the right word: judge.

You have to use your judgement.

I’ll give you a couple thoughts of mine.

1. If this happens right off the bat when someone is new, say NO.
A brand new OFS asking for money or for a new computer is likely a scam.

2. We’ve helped lots of OFS over the years.  And with a lot more than $60. 
But when I did it I had a relationship with them. They had worked for me for a long time.  I knew them.

3. If someone is newer (like a few months) you need to use your judgment. How much are they asking for?  How good have they been for you?

Sending money when they’re down can really buy you more loyalty.
Plus, $50 to you is different than $50 to them.

4. Just be careful that this doesn’t get out of hand. If they start asking for more and more money maybe have a conversation with them about their financial situation.  I’ve done this a number of times with my people.  Things like, “Why are you struggling so much financially?” or “Can I look at your income/expenses?  I want to make sure I’m taking care of you.”

I’ve reviewed their entire finances with them.  I’ve found usually that they’re budgeting pretty well….sometimes they just need a little extra help.  One time I found that I just wasn’t paying them enough. 

You don’t always have to help.  We haven’t always.