I got this email from one of my newsletter subscribers asking about how I organize my video training library.

I love your emails and am extremely grateful for what you’ve created with OnlineJobs. I hired a wonderful person a little over a year ago through your site and has helped me tremendously; I don’t know how I would have continued to do all the things I needed to do without her.

I read your newsletter everyday (which, is also very helpful) and was hoping you might be able to talk a little bit about how you organize your “library” of Snagit training videos for your VAs? Snagit works great, but I’m wondering if there is an easier way to organize the videos as you make them besides just naming and dating them and dropping them in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder. Maybe you could write one of your daily posts about this?

This is going to be … questionable.

My OFS wrote a whole response about how I organize my videos.  All about spreadsheets and columns and dates…

I deleted the whole thing because that’s not actually what I do. It’s what someone else does.

I’m going to give you exactly what I do.  It’s stupid simple, less “organized” than you think, yet it’s permanent.

1. I use Snagit to create screen capture images and videos.  This is key. Snagit! You can use Loom or TinyTake or Screencast-o-matic…but I don’t know if any of them do what Snagit does that makes this work so well for me.

2. I set Snagit up to upload to MY OWN HOSTING ACCOUNT.
I do NOT use their auto upload service.
Since it’s my own web hosting account (you could use google drive or dropbox or…) I control when things get deleted…which is NEVER! This is really important.  You need to upload to somewhere where you know it will not be deleted.

3. I add the URL of that video to an email or a task or a training document.

4. If that email/task/training document is a long term thing, we’ll refer back to it regularly and no matter how far in the future it is, my video is still there.
If that email/task/training document is a short term thing, we’ll stop looking at it and we’ll stop looking at that video I created.
Either way, the training I created never goes away.

It’s a big deal when things you create don’t go away.

Here’s a video of me explaining this, created with Snagit:


Some of you may have gotten a video like this from me in the past.  Search your email for “quickvideolearning.com” and I bet whatever I sent you is still there, no matter how long ago I sent it.

You don’t have to buy your own domain (like “quickvideolearning.com” which is what I bought) but for $10/year to make sure your trainings are always accessible in the same place…it’s worth it.


PS. I record videos and take images every day. If you really wanted to spend the time, you could probably find all the trainings I’ve given my team by guessing every second of every minute of every day on my server until you find them individually. You’d have to sift through a lot of crap to find something relevant (probably not worth it).