My wife is in Zion National Park today, riding her bike through the park and then hiking the famous Angels Landing.

With her gone, I’m in charge at home.

Make breakfast.
Make lunches.
Get the kids to school. 
Work out.
Get the kids home from school.
After school snacks. 
Soccer practice.
Make dinner.
“Drive me to Aunis house?”
“Pick me up from Aunis house”
“No, don’t pick me up, it’s too soon!”
Family scriptures.
Family prayers.
Put the kids to bed.

I wish I could say “aaahhhh…it’s finally quiet”, but I have teenagers who want to stay up later than I do. It’s only quiet while they’re at school.

Fortunately for me, most of this isn’t different from what my normal days are like.  I already know what happens at home.

That’s different for me than running Facebook ads, where I know nothing.

Here’s how I have online Filipino Specialists (OFS) run FB ads for me

– I create video ads.  Super simple.  Hold my iPhone up and talk.
– Upload the video to Basecamp. Assign it to people.
– My video editor edits out my stumbles and ums and pauses. He creates a graphic image for the first slide (I’m not exactly sure how this works…but I know he creates them because I see the images)
– My social media specialist writes a caption and uploads it to FB.  I don’t actually know if she uploads it as a post or as an ad or what…
– My ads specialist creates the ad campaign and decides on targeting and budget.
I don’t really know how this works…but we’ve had conversations about who we should and shouldn’t be targeting. I know she’s letting poor performing ads die and boosting ads that perform well.

This isn’t how it has always been.  

At first I hired an online Filipino ads specialist. 
She created the ads and ran them.  I didn’t do anything.
No editor.
No social media specialist.
No me.

It’s more effective with me creating ads and it doesn’t really take much time. 

You can start your process with just one person.  As you find you need more, hire another. 
Too many people feel like they need to hire a team all at once and it keeps them from doing anything.

Start with one person.  An Online Filipino Ads Specialist.