Here’s some Philippines culture we don’t often talk about.

Training a new employee in the Philippines is such an ingrained part of the culture that they have an acronym for it and government backing for it:


On-the-Job Training

It’s so prevalent in the Philippines that I’ve had applicants ask me “Is there OJT for this position?” “How long is the on-the-job training for this position?” “Will there be training provided for this position?”

If you don’t provide training to a new OFS, you alienate them right away.  It’s part of their culture.

Plus, to them, training them shows you care about their success with your company.

But creating training is hard…

So we’ve created the training for you.

Introducing VAs Made Easy

Done-for-you trainings you hand off to your OFS.

I’ve spent the past couple years creating trainings that are built specifically for the employer-OFS relationship.
They separate the CEO role from the OFS role.
They give your OFS skills.
They give your OFS confidence.
They let your OFS know you care.
They set quality of work expectations.

The done-for-you training library covers 29 different topics.
All you have to do is read (or watch) the short employer instructions and then hand the full training over to your OFS.

They’ll learn new skills.
They’ll come to you with specific questions you need to answer.
They’ll implement processes in your business.

VAs Made Easy

Plus it comes with free access to for 6 months.  Bonus.