I just got this email from Brian Wallace. He runs a small-IT company based in Miami. He’s interested in hiring an OFS for his business but is having trouble finding them.

Any tips or approaches on finding more specialized experts in technical areas? In my case it’s tech support, network engineering, the cloud – AWS & Azure, etc. but I imagine others might be looking for experts for their own businesses? The schedule and cost advantages, or even lack of local talent can be just what’s needed.”

I get this question from people looking for workers with specific skills. But I don’t think you should have any problem at all in finding tech support/network engineering people.

There are tons of people with those skills.

I did a quick search on Onlinejobs.ph for the skills Brian listed here. For network engineers, I found 1,000+ profiles.

For AWS, I also found over a thousand resumes.

For Azure, I found around 700 people.

Here are reasons you might not be finding people:

– Maybe your job post wasn’t attractive enough?

– Maybe the salary was too low? (don’t post “TBD” for salary, post a number, you’ll get more applicants)

– Maybe you just need to post the job post again (this almost always garners more applicants).

– Try proactively contacting workers from their profiles by searching for the skills you’re looking for.  If I don’t get enough applicants, that’s what I do.  I’ll contact 10-30 people from their profile and then hire from those who respond.

– I contact many people because even though they have a profile on Onlinejobs.ph doesn’t mean they’re available. They could already be working and just didn’t bother deactivating their profile.

– When searching on OnlineJobs.ph, try putting your search terms in quotes.
Like “azure developer” rather than azure developer.  You’ll get better search results.

Which…now’s probably a good time to mention that improving search results on OnlineJobs.ph is one of our top priorities.  We have 3 people working full-time on it. Yes, you can find really people who are really talented with technical skills.


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