My newsletter regularly gets read by 20,000+ people.

I get good, kind, insightful responses from people every day.

But this one was nasty.

Lisa responded to my email last week with:

So, as a teacher, I completely disagree with your assessment of school. It absolutely does not just prepare you to take tests and gives you no real skills.

Reading is a real skill.
Speaking in front of groups is a real skill.
Writing is a real skill.
Math is a real skill.

But wait, there’s more!

(she continued to list other real life skills education provides)

Thank you Lisa!

Thanks for helping me see a more clear picture of what education does for us and our society.

But here’s the line from her email that really got me:

School exists to empower people with the skills they need to become what they want!



You educate your OFS to empower them.

Yes, providing them with education and training helps grow your business.
Yes, it makes your life easier.
Yes, it makes things run more efficiently.


It does the same for them!
It gives them understanding about how business works.
It gives them skills that can be used in your business.
It gives them ideas to help grow your business…so that they deserve a raise!
It helps them contribute.
It helps them progress in their career.
It empowers them with greater understanding, confidence, and a desire to do better.

And…if that training and education is provided by you…
– it shows them you care about their career
– it shows them your company is a good place to work
– it makes them loyal to you

All of this is why I advocate for training the OFS you hire.

Even if you hire an expert.

Provide them training.

It carries like a 100x ROI with it.

This is why we created VAs Made Easy.

Done-for-you education.
You give the training to your OFS.
They progress.
Your business progresses.



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