Talk about “The Cloud” is everywhere.

The question I get is: “How do I use ‘the cloud’ for my business?”
More specifically: “How do I use Amazon’s EC2 and S3 for my business?”
About 18 months ago we switched the hosting for my blog to use Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing and Amazon S3 Cloud storage.

It wasn’t simple.

(since…we’ve moved everything over to Amazon’s web services)

Why I moved to “the cloud”

My goals with moving my blog to “the cloud” were to:

  • understand how to use the cloud effectively
  • document how to use amazons cloud
  • see how much it would cost (about $80/month to host my blog, which gets between 1000-2000 visits per day, and runs LOTS of bandwidth with all the videos)
  • and make everything accessible to people who maybe don’t have a tech staff

My experience setting it up

I had one of my GUYS set up everything and document every step of the way.
He did an amazing job of it.
We’ve been running my wordpress blog on amazon’s EC2 cloud for about 18 months and have learned A LOT!
We’ve been through crashes, downtime, expensive time, and now cheap time.
We’ve figured out things to do and things not to do.

Documentation for how to use Amazon’s cloud computing

Here is the third version of the documentation my GUY created:
Amazon EC2/S3 Cloud Computing How To Document
We’ll create more versions as I get feedback from people.

You’ll notice 2 things about the doc:

  1. The dates on the title page are older. We’ve updated the document, we just haven’t updated the title page.
  2. It’s written by a Filipino. He’s a programmer, not an english major! (you’ll laugh at some of the language

Who this is for (and who it’s NOT for)

This document is for you if:

  • you’re technically inclined
  • you want to use “the cloud” but don’t want to spend all the time figuring stuff out
  • you’re interested in using reliable dedicated servers at a reasonable price

This document isn’t for you if:

  • you struggle with FTP
  • the word “server” scares you
  • you’re not making money with your current website

Why I’m doing this

I want feedback!
I know the document is rough.
I want a few people to follow it and implement what it goes through in their business. Take notes and let me know what’s missing, what you don’t understand, and how you figured it out.
I’m interested in making this document a more thorough guide so more people can take advantage of this resource for their business.
If using this interests you, read through it. See if it’s way over your head. See if it makes sense. See if anything jumps out at you immediately as being lacking.
I hope to make this a guide which more people can use.

It’s free!

If you use it, use the contact form to let me know what’s wrong or what you like about it.
Also, feel free to leave comments of things you find which you believe will help people.

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