On Christmas day I went for an afternoon bike ride.  
I hadn’t been on my bike since my big crash a few weeks ago.  We’ve been skiing instead.  

Skiing is my favorite. 

The mountains.
The snow.
The clean air.
The time with people I love.
The flow.

It’s so good.

But…I also know that training for the next racing season is about to start happening and my son wanted to ride…so I rode.  
It was a hard ride.

It’s similar to how I’ve created freedom in my life. 

I focus the hard things that need to get done in my business.

The hard things are sometimes creating a video.
Sometimes it’s working through a sales process.  
Sometimes it’s hiring someone else to do a process I’m working on.
Sometimes it’s just taking the time to train, train, train someone else on a process “only I can do.”

Anything that needs to happen in the business which doesn’t contribute to growth I get someone else to do.

Similar to what Ryan Smith said:

“If you are lacking the freedom you want, you must change the way you are doing things. Figure out what tasks are going to make huge improvements to your business and concentrate on those tasks. Anything that doesn’t fall within that category, look for a way to hire someone else to do that work.”

Most people will tell you to focus on the things you love.


Focus on the hard things that grow the business.

Get other people to do the rest.