Remember back in the day when we used to play video games all day as teens until our parents scolded us? And then when cheat codes became a more common thing, all the more we weren’t stopping at 10pm to sleep.

My sister used to play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on Nintendo’s Game Boy Color. Just a couple buttons copying some code we found and you get infinite time, a couple more and you unlock all levels, and some more, you get unlimited money. It was a fun game and a fun time. 

That’s the same as how I envisioned my One VA Away Challenge. It’s your cheat code to hiring the right virtual assistants for your needs when you follow the steps. It won’t give you infinite time to hire, or unlimited money to invest, but it will make the process easier and actionable so you get the perfect VA the first try.

I guarantee it. (literally…if you don’t find a great VA I give your money back)

If you haven’t already gone through the One VA Away Challenge, now’s the time to start.