This is just a different take on hiring overseas.

A while back we did a case study with Matt Leitz.

He said something interesting.

Some people want to hire the lowest rate they can find. Matt doesn’t do that.

In fact, Matt doesn’t hire in the Philippines to save money. He hires there because the pool of talent is vast and gifted.

He said: “We always look for the most expensive people on because it usually means they’re the most experienced.” 

So far, that strategy hasn’t let him down. He’s happy with every OFS he’s hired.

He adds, “I can say that it’s not only given me some of the best team members that I’ve ever had, but dear friends and I would go so far as to say practically family.”

What do you think about Matt’s strategy?
What’s your salary strategy?


PS. I’m somewhere in between.  Sometimes I go high, sometimes low. Depends on the position and the feeling I have for the people I’m interviewing.