I get emailed almost every day by people telling me how they got more free time by hiring an Online Filipino Specialist from OnlineJobs.ph.
Super often they say “I just wish I had done this sooner!” or “Why didn’t someone tell me this would be so good!”.

I’ve tried!!!

One notable email and success story I remember clearly.

Starting a business is difficult. Running a successful agency that runs the social media for Nike, Rosetta Stone, and the Golden State Warriors (among a bunch of others) doesn’t happen overnight and isn’t easy.

Dennis Yu has had a lot of successes. His process for finding and hiring through OnlineJobs.ph is one of them.
It includes 
# Did they include the correct keyword in the subject line?
# Did they include a one minute video?
# How good is their English?
# How strong is their portfolio and profile?
# Do they have a cheerful, positive personality?

Read Dennis’ full post > 

Getting an OFS (or lots of OFS/VAs) to help you with your business will make your schedule more flexible, give you extra hours to spend with your family, and lets you focus on the more important things. 

I’d like to help you make that time for yourself.