I was interviewed by Starter Story, and I shared a lot of stuff there that most people don’t know about me or Onlinejobs.ph. https://www.starterstory.com/stories/onlinejobs

Most people don’t know I started Onlinejobs.ph with just $5,000. It was just me, Dan, and two Filipino workers when we started.

I know I talked about this before, but I think most people don’t really understand how much of a fluke Onlinejobs.ph is.

I didn’t build it thinking it would get this big (we’ll be breaking 8 figures in revenue this year, we passed 2,000,000 worker profiles this year, we’ll pass 500,000 employers next year).

I built it for myself.  I just wanted a place where I could recruit someone from the Philippines on my own.

I remember a while back, one of my O.F.S. suggested that instead of sharing all this content for free, we should monetize it. Put it behind a paywall. At first glance, it makes sense. Why share all this valuable information we gained from years of outsourcing and our research for free?

Because I don’t want to add to the problems that most business owners have to deal with. We have enough problems. We can do the most good by providing solutions. I want to show people how amazing it feels to have an extra pair of hands and a capable mind working in your business.

Want to know what an extra pair of hands and a capable mind can do for your business? Check out https://www.ofstasks.com/


PS. It has been an amazing ski year for me. Best start to the season I’ve ever experienced.

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