In 2010 I went to the Philippines and spent a month on the beach with my family. 
I also met my team.  

On the second day with them I lined them all up and had them give tips to employers. 
They were so embarrassed.
The video quality is poor, but it’s worth watching just to understand what’s important to them.

The one who thought he was going to drown was the first person I hired (in 2005) and who still works for me. 

Tip 1: Communication – maintain constant communication with your employee.  
FYI – this comes from one of my worst communicating employees (he’s still with me today)

Tip 2: Correct them nicely when they make mistakes

Tip 3: Training – They really value training.  A lot.

Tip 4: Video/audio instructions

Tip 5: Be patient with them. It takes time.
Tip 5a: Pay regardless of results.

Tip 6: Provide feedback. Comments.

You’ll notice the theme.  Communicate with them. Train them. Talk with them.

They’re human.


PS. At the end I talk about Ignore that. 
Go to  That’s the best place to start.