Sometimes I’m a good retail consumer… other times I’m a really bad retail consumer.

Once, I went to a doctor because I heard he was a good doctor, even though I wasn’t feeling anything wrong with me. I wanted to support. Good retail consumer.

Recently I bought some bike parts because their marketing pitch was so good.  I don’t necessarily need the parts…but the company had worked hard.  I like that.

But other times.. I can be a bad retail consumer…

I buy a lot of clothes and gear online.

But….. I also return A LOT of it.

Recently, as I was preparing for a rafting trip, I bought a couple of drybags, a tent, some shirts, multiple down pants, the works. I was excited.

When I got them, I tested them.. and realized almost immediately that I didn’t like any of the things I got.

I decided to return all of it.

While I was setting up my return, their live chat popped up, and something clicked for me.

I’ve seen the live chat dozens of times. I always close it.  But this time, I wanted some help.

Instantly, someone was there.

They give advice.

It was awesome. It was convenient. It was a dream consumer experience.

And then it clicked!

I realized that our customer service can do even better than what they’re doing.

So I set the wheels in motion so we can provide better customer service at OnlineJobs.PH, One VA Away and Outsourcing Lever.

Our customer service is good, but I also know we can do better.

We have 24/7 customer service in double-covered shifts. We respond within 5 minutes usually. I still think we can do better…

All because sometimes I’m a bad consumer, but I pay attention to how other people do their business. And learn from it.

It’s so easy to find customer service help on