Artificial Intelligence can be good and bad for you, your OFS, and your business.

AI can be good if it makes your business and OFS more efficient. My OFS has used AI to help with idea generation when they need to come up with new content. They use Grammarly AI to correct their grammar and help them with research.

They have also used ChatGPT to test some ideas before implementing them on the website. This has saved us a lot of time because it lets us know if an idea is worth pursuing.

When your OFS has been trained, and they have the skills to do their job well, AI can enhance that. AI can make good workers even better.

AI can be bad if they don’t know how to do their jobs. You can’t enhance something that isn’t there.

I found out about this through Tatiana a few weeks ago

I know ChatGPT was used because they (my VAs) both told me. The EA who used it for her interview told me she used it. I thought it was a fantastic idea, but she wasn’t able to use it to effectively complete her work. I tried to help her by paying for the premium version of Grammarly but that still did not work so we had to move on. The other guy unintentionally admitted to using it for the interview q&a. Again, I don’t see it as an issue to enhance what’s already there. It is a problem, though if it is used to supplement what is not there. 

ChatGPT and AI, as it is now, is no substitute for training. It can’t replace your OFS. It can’t make an untrained OFS better.

The best and easiest way to make your OFS better is to give them OFS training.


PS. I understand how “good” ChatGPT is. I understand it’s getting better. I understand it can write code and create great summaries and …
But it still doesn’t think. It pretends…but it doesn’t think.
It’s coming.
It’s going to do a lot of things.
But it’s so much better with an intelligent human operator behind it.