One of the misconceptions of people when hiring virtual assistants is that either it has to be perfect, or it’s gonna be perfect. But that’s not always the case. Let me give you an example of how I work with my team:

I recently hired a virtual assistant to write emails for me, this email included. She did pretty well for the trial pieces so I got her to work on more of them.

She’s doing well, but as she sends more emails to me, I start to notice some things… like emails being too short, or the story needs further development, or….

I gave her feedback and she addressed them. But on the next ones, I still notice some things that can still be improved- maybe paying more attention to some details, highlighting certain points, articulating the story better, etc. So I give her even more direction, she continues to build her rapport and improve to every email she writes.

The more we work together, the better she gets.  I almost don’t have to edit her emails anymore. 
She wrote this email.  I only edited a little (<– this line was added by John).

I do my best to hire the best people, so I know I will receive the best work. But at the end of the day, it won’t always come out perfect. And that is completely fine. Things get done, they may not be perfect but they are still pretty good work.

It’s okay if things aren’t perfect on the first try. You won’t always get the right VA every time, nor will everything be perfect in your business once you do. If things get done, and things improve – that’s what matters. 

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