My mom was always a stickler for vocabulary. 

“It’s hhhhwah, not WAT!” (what)
“His name is Stephen! Not Steve!”
“It’s ManhaTTan, not Manha’an”
“Don’t say ‘moun’en’, it’s ‘mounTain'”

She did it all the time.  So much so that I say a lot of things poorly just because she did it so much. 

“FebRUary” isn’t one of them.

She always corrected us when we said “FebUary”.

It’s ‘Feb-RU-ary’ she’d say.

However you say that second month, right now is time to pay the 13th month to your Filipino VAs.

If you didn’t know about the 13th month, it’s basically an end of year bonus (not a Christmas bonus) that is required by Philippines law (if you’re an employer in the Philippines).

Your VAs are counting on this month. 
They depend on it.  
They plan their entire December/Christmas/culture around receiving the 13th month.

Here’s the 13th month fully explained.