How do you live the 4 hour workweek?

You learn to say “NO”.

I say “No” to most things that come my way.

– Business opportunities
– Feature requests
– Bug fixes
– Content to create
– “We could do this…”
– Customers
– Requests
– Phone calls
– Ways to grow the business
– The latest magical marketing technique
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Extended family group chat

The answer is almost always “NO”

Here’s my reasoning.

There’s only so much time in the day
There’s only so much mental bandwidth available for most of us.  

Even if there’s time in the day, the mental bandwidth it takes to add on one more thing is costly.

It makes you less productive at the things you’re currently doing.

I’ve found that customers, employees, clients, social media, group chats…will endlessly take your time and mental energy.

Learn to say NO.

It works.


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